So, I have this thing. (Day 9)

It’s not that big of a deal, just it really pisses me off sometimes. Truly a “First World Pain”.

When I’m blogging I can not listen to audio books as I tend to do for the majority of the day, while at the same time I can not blog without listening to music as I tend to do for the rest of the day. The music has to fit my mood and somehow my thoughts. When the song changes my writing has a slight shift, either its the speed or the subject takes a slight turn. It takes longer flipping through my music to find one song that goes well with what I’m writing than it takes to write whatever it is in the first place. I used to only listen to music while tying to go to sleep and listen to the books the rest of the day, I liked it that way.

If somehow I can grow into writing while listening to audio books then it would be a addiction that would be for the masses. I picture myself in a dark room with only the light flickering off of my computer while blogging away, my iPod tucked away in my shirt pocket and headphones on. Publishing a good twenty or thirty blog posts a day and going through a steady book a day it would be quite the scene.

Maybe it is a good thing that for now at least that doesn’t happen. I would however like it if I could do so much as read my twitter timeline or check my email while enjoying a audio book. 

Too much power. (Day 1)

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like having the power to give other people a fan base and career off of one nicely worded tweet. Is it too much power, is this the new age of social media jobs that hire you with a surprise tweet and thousands of fans, or is it just too much to put that much power in one hundred and forty characters or less; All these questions screaming in my head as I read my twitter timeline. Maybe it’s just time to start following less Internet-Famous people.