Selling out. #40

I’m in the business of selling out, the internet business. Staying open and honest about sponsors here is like shooting yourself in the foot, wouldn’t do it knowingly but shit happens. Banner ads, skyscraper ads, audio sponsors, affiliate links, paid linking, and using sites because of compinsation. It’s happing all around you once you are in the business you can’t avoid it. YouTube is the worst, although I can’t tell you how because they will remove my ads. That right there is the single largest problem on the internet. It’s all secret. Im always trying to be open with ads and sponsors to my blog, I figure I don’t need a disclaimer everywhere else if you care enough you read this. It is a hard thing, very very hard thing to get sponsors when you are fighting the goos fight of being open about compensation. I used to go get any sponsor to my hearts desire, it was easy. Nearly all of them have something in the paperwork that makes it illegal to even make it known that you are getting paid for something. I started noticing advertisements hidden everywhere, I can go to any and I mean any vlogger and find a advertisement ‘hidden’ in the video and hell I would probably be able to tell you the sales agent who made that product placement happen. I’m not in that business anymore though and fighting the good fight doesn’t pay as much but I’m happy with being open with all my sponsors even if that means I can barely get any.┬á

This week on the blog we are welcoming as a sponsor.-

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