One month later, a reflection on a personal journey. #33

Where does this leave us, one month later. It sure has been a strange experiment. Daily blog posting has helped me more than it restricted me in most of the cases. Some days there were struggles on what to post and many last minute posts. Its a strange thing to start thinking with a writers mind. Watch every episode of Californication, good show right? Then do a month of daily writing your thoughts and re-watch them, you will understand everything to a more personal basis. Also having a lot of pointless sex can do that if you want a quick way. I would recommend daily writing. I sure as hell will continue it for as long as I feel I need to use my keyboard as a personal therapist. The day marker in the title though, that shit has to go. It’s being replaced with a number. Like today is entitled One month later, a reflection on a personal journey. #33 it just flows smoother. Today though I will leave you with a Hank Moody quote “I went there to kick his ass, I stayed there to soak up his wisdom.”