All about the money. (Day 32)

Two months two million was a great show, although they did not meet their goals but  neither did gold rush. That is not enough to cancel a show, they spent way too much on the production they did not have enough to advertise heavily on. Also another factor for bad rating was its on a special paid channel, unless you have the package you do not get the channel. The shows premise is about four young guys living in a mansion together in Vegas and half the show is online poker and the other half is parties in Vegas. All pretty much sponsored from Full Tilt Poker, but lets face it I see at least three Full Tilt sponsored clothing articles a day around town. The network had no choice but to cancel it after the United States government shut it down froze all players money and seized the domain and copyrights on Full Tilt Poker. What was the big deal about it, whats the big deal about medical pot. Money, too much money. These kids got rich before they were high school seniors, had millions when friends were getting diplomas. Almost all of them started illegally by clicking the button to prove you are twenty one. I highly recommend the series and would love to see what the cast is up to now, being online poker is illegal and all now, they only had two choices: To move to another country. Or forfeit any money they had in their online poker account and get another career. U.S government, fuck you.