Podcast away. #38

One thing that I know is I have no idea what I am getting myself into, but when has that ever stopped me before. Ever since my We’re JK Podcast Review the idea of podcasting has lingered in my skull. Now I hate my voice like most people, so if I hear myself after recoding anything it’s an instant delete. I would be crazy to do a podcast, hating myself in the ways I do ever so much, not to mention my lack of any speaking skills. Still I tweet, text, and email buddies asking if they will be guests, hell I don’t even know how it would work across country in every way possible. To my surprise nearly everybody is excited over my new venture, in fact even supportive in agreeing to be guests. I am not sure how to start conversations or what to even converse about on a podcast with people I only know from text conversations. I’m going into this with not much to lose though. If it works out then it could be a lot of fun. There is only so much you can run from disliking aspects of yourself before you have to face it. I will have more word on the subject of my future podcasting at a later date. Keep a eye out.

We’re JK, review. #36

The podcast is about three guys Jeff, Matt, and Keith. Two have retail jobs in electronics departments so be prepared to chuckle at all of the bad work day stories, hell I would listen to it if it was only those. One guy looks up at his previous work at the Taco Bell drive-thru window and really really makes you wish you started your adult life at a fast food joint like that. There is talk about a penis and tits shaped soap brand in the works from the artist personality in the show. Now if you are a bachelor or just a lonely housewife this would be the soap for you, although using it in the housewife sense might not be the best of ideas. The guys have much respect for Ellen Page and her hotness, I agree with the mutual opinion there. It’s turning out to be a dorm room type chat podcast, not scripted and a three main guys just shooting the shit with each other. With Clear inspiration from Kevin Smith’s ‘S.I.R’, these foul mouthed guys are pretty damn entertaining. I started the first episode thinking that it was going to be a badly scripted piece of garbage much like all the other new podcasts popping up every minute, and once it ended I had to listen to the rest. If you listen to the first episode you can decide if you like it for yourself. www.werejk.com

Below is a interview I conducted with Jeff Takeover about the podcast:

I know this has started a a project for school, does that mean that there is a ‘end date’ or will you continue producing podcasts after the class is over?

This actually has been something i’ve wanted to do for a while, I started listening to The Nerdist in october 2010 right before I had gotten knee surgery, I started getting into only their podcasts a lot, it gave me something to listen to while I was in the hospital or doctors office which was pretty often. I heard kevin smith on their podcast and I almost pissed myself laughing. I checked his podcast out and started listening to everything he did. It got my mind off of all the crap that was going on at that time in my life, since last may I had been trying to make a soccer podcast with two of my friends but they never had time and for some reason realized my brother is a funny guy so I asked him to join in and he was totally game then he invited his friend Matt to join us and we had amazing chemistry and it just felt like we were all hanging out telling each other funny stories. It’s really the hilight of my week because I can forget all the junk that happened and just hang out and laugh I hope there is no end date because It’s something I really enjoy. It’s not really a project for school, the website portion is but the other part isn’t. 
Who inspires you to podcast and why? You mention Kevin Smith a lot in your posts so other than him.
Haha, Yeah i probably do mention him too often. Which is weird I guess, I’m not really a huge fan of his movies to be honest but his podcasts always make me laugh, he has a internet radio station called S.I.R that I listen to all the time mostly because i can push play and leave it on while I sleep. I’m a big fan of the hostful podcasts Nerdist does(i even bought chris hardwicks book) I don’t really like the interview ones too much because I’m not a huge fan of interviews, I like hearing about peoples week and funny stories instead. Tell em steve dave i’m a big fan of and “How Did This Get Made?!” is probably one of my top 3, it’s a pod where they talk about a movie they watched thats crazy and discuss all the moments they were like what the hell! I like a soccer cast called the whistleblowers as well but beside those I don’t really care for too many of the hosts, they seem to get bogged down in trying to create interesting content instead of letting the interesting content come naturally which doesn’t seem genuine.
You already have a following for creating other content, has this knowledge and fan base helped in getting started in your new venture?
 I’m not quite sure yet, I wanted to get a few podcasts in before I started letting my followers and fan base from youtube know about it so they could have a few episodes to listen to and not judge it on one ep, not every episode is great and esp when first starting out because you’re getting used to the recording equiptment and getting comfortable knowing you’re being recorded. We just recorded the 4th episode last night and I’m starting to forget the recorder is going and just enjoying the time talking about funny stories. I hope the people who liked my videos enjoy them but it’s a lot different but I think the difference makes them better, before you had to commit 10-15 minutes to sit in front of the computer to listen and now you can download it and take it on the go with you anywhere you want, you can put the pod on while you’re doing homework and have it in the background or you can be driving somewhere and listen to us tell funny stories. I like the podcasting medium because it’s a much more free and easy to use one I guess. 
I have been following your life for a while and the followers you already have are impressive in that almost all of them create other types of content, can we expect to hear guests from the common names in your twitter stream?

I’d like to eventually have guests on but most of the people don’t really know who I am lol, currently I’d like to keep it just the three of us for a bit but eventually i’ll probably start taking skyped in questions and let people from twitter skype in with us. 
Give us a brief description on each of the main characters in the podcast, Keith, Matt, and Yourself.

Matt is will do anything he’s probably the craziest person I know who has no second thoughts on doing anything, the first time i met him he went swimming in our pool in his clothes then walked around naked while his clothes dried in the dryer, he’s also a genuinely nice person and reminds me a lot of myself. Keith is my brother who is a freaking genius, he’s smart as hell, he’s getting ready to go to med school right now and is very sarcastic and mischevious, as for me I’m not quite sure.
We’re JK is new once a week.  www.werejk.com or on twitter @Were_JK .