Stress is Hell. (Day 12)

It’s the routine things that I do when I am very stressed that make me calm down or have the illusion of calmness. Like Juliet O’Hara in Psych and taking apart her gun when stressed out. Those type of routine things. In my case it’s grinding fresh coffee beans and brewing a pot, even though I can’t drink coffee while stressed out. Or constantly refreshing my earnings reports online something I check a few dozen times a day. Checking the news headlines. Adding keywords to pictures. If I am very nervous it’s these things that keep me from totally freaking out. This happens a lot though. So I’ve found my so called nervous ticks. I’ve also noticed blogging like this really helps also. It’s a new thing for me to write my thoughts and feelings but quickly becoming a part of my life. Im under a lot of stress a few times a week and it happens so quick in the middle of a routine day, one phone call and boom, totally stressed, nervous, and freaked out all in one. It’s really something you can’t get used to in your routine even if it happens quite often as in my case. Until I find a way to bypass it all I’ll just have to keep doing my things. And hey, after Im starting to calm down after being all stressed out there is usually a cup of fresh ground coffee waiting for me.