Imagine. Blog #44

Pecking away at the keyboard, sounds of water running in the back ground, piano in the foreground. Micro fiber cloth clashes with the cold Arctic white tile. Cherry wood and rippled glass. Rainforest marble. More precious metals in this room than anybody would know, rumors of gold. The piano plays the end ‘Dead or Alive’ and starts ‘Hotel California’. Blue light floods out from a microphone without a speaker. Click clack, water, piano is all that is heard. Imaginary ball room dancers in era costumes. Looks are ghostly white, as no one is playing the piano but this object. Small white. Sounds of beautiful music but no player. This is what I think about. 

Make a black and white observation of the room you are in. You may be surprised on the how far your imagination goes when there is nothing to imagine. 

iPod Nano 6th two weeks in. (Day 15)

The iPod Nano (6th) is a amazing little device. I bought mine a couple of weeks ago to place my music and audiobooks on because around eight hours of playing a day my iPhone battery was taking a beating. Not to mention holding it to pause and play thousands of times a day was increasing the amount of dropping and bumping it on stuff. The Nano is incredible for what I do everyday, I listen to about two books a week and hour upon hour of music between the books. The battery is not a issue as I am charging it a few times throughout the week when the new books are added. I also bought a watch attachment for it, other than me almost shitting my pants every time I try to snap the Nano into the silicone enclosure it works great. So far the iPod has one battle scratch, I plan to beat the shit out of this thing though so better now than later. My music and now audiobook addiction has cost me three iPhones in the past so the cost to replace the iPod is way worth it. Also I get to blog book reviews now, not that anybody gives a fuck about what I have to say about my nonfiction addiction scores; But hey, new content is new content and there is a blog niche for the nonfiction book sluts like myself. I also bought some reggae colored puma earbuds. The only reason I got the colored ones is it was the only left on the shelf that wasn’t rubber (more like a shoestring) and up to my audio standards. The downside to the headphones is my father thinks I’m a stoner, but hell it’s not the worst thing he has accused me of. So maybe I will start to blog book reviews when I feel like it. All I can tell you now is Kitchen Confidential is the shit and got me hooked on reading listening to books again.

Blogging to keep the padded walls away. (Day 14)

More recently I have found that blogging is more about the blogger than the content. It’s about getting your thoughts out so you don’t have to keep them bottled up inside. When I started my first blog about five years ago it was the ‘in’ thing. How all the cool kids we’re making there online big bucks. My blog failed fast, I guess you can’t just go after something for the tons of cash some people make doing it. It almost will never go right for you. Thats where I failed. No I do supervise a few blogs but its for purely profit on my part and I never write a line of text, just make sure the site is up and the queue is full. This is my new personal blog, I’m going at it again but not for profit reasons. Hell I even took the one google ad I had off because it made the site look trashy. If it ever comes to the point where I am able to make money off of it I may refuse. It will earn me enough just keeping my mind clear for other projects. Its a personal diary, without all that “She looked at me today.” bullshit. It’s about my life but more importantly my thoughts and state of mind. I don’t even read back over them after they are written because that was a problem I had on the last blog I wrote. I was too busy worrying about what other people would think about the writing and more importantly what potential sponsors would think of it that by the time the post was published it was totally different than what my thoughts were. This time I don’t care how many typo and grammar errors there is I will not look back over the damn thing because I know it will prompt me to change something in fear of what someone could think. Fuck that. I will personally send this blog link to everybody I know and not give a fuck what they think about me after reading it because its my thoughts. The the precise reason I think this blog will never gain a steady view ship but thats okay with me. I don’t have it for that reason its so I don’t end up in therapy because this is my therapy. I find myself writing randomly throughout the day and being more calm the rest of the time. Hell I have plenty of posts queued up so when life gets in the way the daily blogs wont stop. The rate I’m going I’ll be a month ahead in a week. I like writing, a lot. My MacBook Pro keyboard is starting to wear out, iPad is constantly dead from too much blogging, and my iPhone is my last resort to write and even that has a dozen blog posts under it’s belt. This has lit a fire I hope will never burn out, but if it does the blogs will be stock piled up so high it’ll take months to start seeing the effect. My goal has been to write one to three posts a day depending on the inspiration, I somedays go way past that and find myself clicking away at four in the morning. It’s nice to get this stuff out there.

This one is for the photographers out there. (Day 7)

This goes out to the real photographers out there. The ones who don’t put a U.V filter and lens hood on because it makes your “Camera look more professional” I’ve heard it a thousand times and you might as well go back to instagraming your cat because you don’t really get it. Die hipster die, you placing a fifteen dollar “vintage” lens that you bought at a pawn shop on your dslr will make you look like a idiot to other photographers and to people around you, I don’t care if they do make a attachment that lets you do it, it fucks up your camera and your pictures look like shit. I like photography, in fact I like it about more than anything else. I open magazines just for the pictures, I could care less about who Kim Kardashian is banging this week unless it’s me. It’s all about the pictures for me, I soak that shit up like a fresh piece of bread soaks up the gravy after you eat all the pasta in the bowl.  Im not a fanboy of nikon or canon, I own both. I don’t give a shit if you took your photography on your iPhone, in fact I encourage it. Yes call your self a photographer if you take all of your pictures on your iPhone, its not about the camera or the photographer, It’s about the pictures. If your pictures look like shit and your shooting them on a 5D you shouldn’t be able to call yourself a photographer. So fucking what if your photos look great, no one should be able to turn them down or worse, call you down because of your way of taking photos, grab there dslr and slap them in the face with it (not really, well thats up to you). Keep on posting, fuck all haters. Don’t conform to other people’s standards just so you can look “Professional” in their eyes. Fuck them. 

That is all, Move along. 

A new addiction. (Day 4)

I have a need that has to be constantly fed. It’s a new addiction. Audio books. Started with “21”- Ben Mezrich a few years back followed by “Bringing Down The House” another of Mezrich’s vegas books. More recently I have a long and for the most part very boring job so I bought and played “Kitchen Confidential” Tony Bourdain’s hit book the later spawned the show “No Reservations” a favorite of mine. So even now as I write this there is the newest score of my addiction downloading in the background to be placed on my newly bought iPod Nano as my iPhone pisses me off when I lose my place and not to mention the fucking ear splitting ring through the earbuds every time I get a call and by the time the call is over I have already forgotten to turn that damn volume down. The newest score that is “Steve Jobs” a book I have been meaning to read but never have gotten around to it, now with my new addiction it seems fitting.