Better equipment downfall of all? (Day 17)

This applies to all bloggers, vloggers, podcasters, photographers, and any other type of creative media producer. Some of them have no issues growing with their audience, but the some that don’t will be showcased today. Once you start gaining a fan base, maybe making a little off of ad revenue also there comes this one in a few stage. The beggar stage, maybe its something innocent like a paid twenty four hour live show, extras on the website. It will soon progress into a donate button or similar. Nothing wrong with that right? I mean it’s up to the viewers right? Well it will turn into asking for money for better equipment, better camera set up, audio, computer, etc. one example of someone stuck helplessly in this beggar syndrome is TheAmazingAtheist at the start and end of everyone of his YouTube videos there is something that you have to pay to get, most of time its equipment related. A guy, in his garage ranting. He says he needs a six thousand dollar teleprompter, for YouTube. A guy, in his garage ranting. Go ahead look back at his videos, I can’t find more than five in a row without some type of asking for money or to check out this paid content. He once had a twenty four hour live show you had to pay to get into, the show was to get people to donate for said teleprompter, you had to pay to get in then twenty four hours of asking you to pay more for a piece of equipment you can make out of your computer screen and a slideshow, or your iPad, maybe a piece of paper might be too hard to set up. People man, it always comes down to the equipment excuse too. If some of them knew that not exploiting the fans can help build more fans to bring in more ad revenue and maybe a sponsor to pay for all of that equipment. Needless to say these people don’t get very big they get there chance at a semi-large viewer base and blow it exploiting them. I can name countless people who are and were doing this, but only named one so I have less of a chance of getting sued, I mean I don’t know what some of these people will do for money so better not list them. TJ if you are offended by this, I would like to settle the upcoming lawsuit with that teleprompter you’ve been wanting, its called Microsoft Word.

Don’t exploit your newfound fans, just wait until there is a lot of them and exploit them on a large scale with a netflix movie club like the pros. Sign up now using code:CTSxE. See what I did there? 

Blogging to keep the padded walls away. (Day 14)

More recently I have found that blogging is more about the blogger than the content. It’s about getting your thoughts out so you don’t have to keep them bottled up inside. When I started my first blog about five years ago it was the ‘in’ thing. How all the cool kids we’re making there online big bucks. My blog failed fast, I guess you can’t just go after something for the tons of cash some people make doing it. It almost will never go right for you. Thats where I failed. No I do supervise a few blogs but its for purely profit on my part and I never write a line of text, just make sure the site is up and the queue is full. This is my new personal blog, I’m going at it again but not for profit reasons. Hell I even took the one google ad I had off because it made the site look trashy. If it ever comes to the point where I am able to make money off of it I may refuse. It will earn me enough just keeping my mind clear for other projects. Its a personal diary, without all that “She looked at me today.” bullshit. It’s about my life but more importantly my thoughts and state of mind. I don’t even read back over them after they are written because that was a problem I had on the last blog I wrote. I was too busy worrying about what other people would think about the writing and more importantly what potential sponsors would think of it that by the time the post was published it was totally different than what my thoughts were. This time I don’t care how many typo and grammar errors there is I will not look back over the damn thing because I know it will prompt me to change something in fear of what someone could think. Fuck that. I will personally send this blog link to everybody I know and not give a fuck what they think about me after reading it because its my thoughts. The the precise reason I think this blog will never gain a steady view ship but thats okay with me. I don’t have it for that reason its so I don’t end up in therapy because this is my therapy. I find myself writing randomly throughout the day and being more calm the rest of the time. Hell I have plenty of posts queued up so when life gets in the way the daily blogs wont stop. The rate I’m going I’ll be a month ahead in a week. I like writing, a lot. My MacBook Pro keyboard is starting to wear out, iPad is constantly dead from too much blogging, and my iPhone is my last resort to write and even that has a dozen blog posts under it’s belt. This has lit a fire I hope will never burn out, but if it does the blogs will be stock piled up so high it’ll take months to start seeing the effect. My goal has been to write one to three posts a day depending on the inspiration, I somedays go way past that and find myself clicking away at four in the morning. It’s nice to get this stuff out there.