The power of social media used right.

The power of social media when you use it right is staggering.

Yahoo! was lucky, as with any blog post I publish the advertising doesn’t kick in until the next morning. After two days of attempting to get my account password changed with six calls and no success I took matters in my own hands and do what I do best. Gossip.

Spending a hour or two writing the article that had employees on their toes for the next hours, submitting it into the agency to be distributed in the morning. Tweeting it as usual from my twitter. The post started to go viral, ten thousand views was being reported soon after the first hour past. 

Yahoo! contacted me through the twitter account @YahooCare that was being tweeted to whenever someone clicked to tweet about it. So one hour later, 10k views, some number of tweets, and my last ditch effort was working.

They asked for me to Direct Message them my phone number as they wanted to get the problem resolved before they left for the night. The lady was nice, made sure she said my name correct and just maybe a little scared. After the bad publicity of the servers that held just under a half million account passwords being broke into and the information released I don’t blame her.

She asked me my username, birthdate, and zip code. I was spot on on all three. She said this was all the verification needed and that she was going to reset my password, to get a paper to write it down. It worked, we spoke a little about the service I had received in the previous calls and she assured me that the PayPal issue will be fixed. 

She mentioned the blog post many times but never asked me to edit or change it in any way, even when I told her that I will update it of the fix she told me it was up to me, “first amendment and all”. I thanked her for helping me and she gave her apologies once again. I later called and canceled the advertising.

This whole experience has made me think a lot in the past few hours about the effect of social media on the performance of others. Everyone has a facebook, blog, or twitter that potentially has thousands of readers. If someone were to act poorly twenty years ago it would take calling the newspaper and hoping it was a slow day to even get published. Now it only takes a few clicks on your keyboard or phone and the story or your experience is everywhere in a matter of hours. 

We see this happen every day and people can say anything they want. Why any companies big or small would still think that they can treat people wrong without people finding out is beyond me.

A few tweets can go viral and hurt a company for years to come. Much like Kevin Smith getting kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight for being to large, even though the armrest fit and he did not need a seatbelt extender. Some tweets later in the terminal and Southwest workers were scrambling to find him so he would stop tweeting.  We see these stories every week. 

My Yahoo! post would have gone viral, and I am pretty sure they knew that when scrambling to get it fixed first with a ‘24 hour process’ then a few thousand page views and minutes later, a phone call.

I’m not being cocky when I say that it was going to go viral, not only do people love these type of stories, Yahoo! has been under a lot of eyes lately with one after another PR nightmares. CEO’s faking education and Password leaks are among others. It was a perfect storm to go global, not to mention all the advertising my agency was going to use to push it to the home pages of millions. 

My suggestion is for you, if you have a bad experience anywhere make a blog, then tweet it, facebook it, and whatever, you will get the attention of others. The company will come running to you. Don’t let them get away with the same run around from the outsourced toll free number. 

Be sure to tweet it to me, we will keep them straight. 

CTFxC Video diary affected after tragedy.

The news rattles though twitter like a social media earthquake, at least for the youtube scene out there. Charles Trippy has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Now, before I get into the whole tumor business I’m going to give a little information on my viewing of Charles life. He started making a daily video diary of his life, at the time it started it was himself, his girlfriend Alli, his roommate Jeff, and his two dogs Zoey and Marley. I started around the sixteenth day when he he went with Corey Williams from SMPfilms to Colorado. I enjoyed that episode, so I watched the past and subscribed to the channel. Every few months or so I will go on a watching binge and catch up to the current episode. Well right now as this news rings out over the internet I’m stuck two hundred and thirty videos behind. Not a easy task. Even worse as the world is finding out that something is wrong and watching the current video leading up to the trembling news as I am stuck two hundred days behind.

All that I am finding out is though twitter, so far here is what I have gathered:

I have around fifty hours straight to be up to the current date to find out the extent of his sickness and add around fifteen minutes for each additional day that it takes for me to view all the episodes. Alli was on a trip to HongKong with Lindsay Jordan, Phillip Defranco’s girlfriend when she received the news of her husband being rushed to the hospital with a seizure, Alli and Lindsay booked the next flight into LAX, Sixteen hours later they would arrive and Alli would catch the next connection flight to Charles’s location. Charles’s mother arrived sometime while Alli was still on the flight back from HongKong. Charles finds out that he has a tumor. Alli arrives and they have a emotional reunion as Alli finds out about the tumor. The couple update the YouTube channel on what is going on. To my understanding they came to a conclusion that they will continue the daily episodes regardless of what the situation is/turns into. Charles, his mother, and Alli fly back home to Tampa after getting the approval from the hospital. Charles and family sets up an appointment with a surgeon to find the next steps in treating the tumor. 

This is all my understanding of what the current situation is and the steps it took to get here. All is speculation derived from twitter. I refuse to skip past two hundred and some days to see the current situation. All I know is that for the next week I will be catching up to the current situation. 

A very private message. (Day 2)

Dear 🔳🔳🔳🔳, I write this to you in public although it should be a very private message. You have been a friend of mine starting on twitter a few years back; I was new, you were already established. We grew our audiences together. Recently you started tweeting your opinions and trying to be funny. I also noticed you only tweet about the subjects that are popular at the moment and always siding on the popular views on said subjects not your own. This wouldn’t bother me, well because that’s what half of the internet does. Just when we first met you were totally different. Not afraid to express your true views, now it’s all about the numbers followers, subscribers, views and underneath it all money. I’m writing this to inform you of the reasons of which I am un-following you. Your ego has gotten in the way of the true you.        No hard feelings; @RussCatalano

Too much power. (Day 1)

Sometimes I wonder what it feels like having the power to give other people a fan base and career off of one nicely worded tweet. Is it too much power, is this the new age of social media jobs that hire you with a surprise tweet and thousands of fans, or is it just too much to put that much power in one hundred and forty characters or less; All these questions screaming in my head as I read my twitter timeline. Maybe it’s just time to start following less Internet-Famous people.

Social Network Detox

Transition to a full blog from a micro-blog.

I’ve slowly been trying to blog more. I’ve been a twitter user for four years, rarely even touched another social network. Sure I was a mySpace user in high-school (Who wasn’t?) but never made the switch to facebook. I’ve experimented with pages and friends but never really enjoyed the fact that made me feel like I was stalking girls. People put so much information on facebook, its like General Hospital or some other soap opera, not my style. I found twitter, my drug of choice some might say. A fair combination of all the others, shorter posts, professional at times, and it was just getting big. I got a girl to join with me then we would race to 500 followers, the reason people would follow  was whoever got 500  followers first gave away a iPad, it took me a week.  This was my social network. I was talking to famous people, Twitter got me so many connections at first I had no idea what to do with them. I even had a offer for some paparazzi company to buy my contacts list for a few thousand dollars (I declined). My account was hacked, spammed , suspended. Two months later I was back, never left again. 

Over the last few weeks I have tried to cut down on my tweeting it’s been easier than I thought it would be. Although it leaves a void of sharing my thoughts with others, with myself. So I decided to re-activate my blog (this blog, HipsterMonkeys.Com) and start blogging more,  I mean really I have nothing to lose, It’s for myself.  

Love fans, Fuck haters.