Pirate tales of adventure through the world of software.

Maybe it’s my lack of care for the way society is asking the sheep to function or just I don’t like paying a large amount of money to purchase something I will never hold. I really hate being a pirate, I always wanted to be one but in the traditional swashbuckling with ol’ Blackbeard sort of way, not with the click of a mouse to avoid spending a few hundred dollars for Microsoft Word. It’s a corrupt system, really. You can’t just buy Office Word, no you have to get the whole package or nothing.

I’ve downloaded keygens and such before, but to hack into poorly made thousand dollar software on a shitty windows computer, never on a Mac. I’m not sure which feels dirtier, Me being too cheap to buy a program I use to make a living or looking up ways to get around buying it. Incase you wanted to know it’s very easy. A few clicks on YouTube and you have any program, movie, song, and anything else the exists in the non-physical packet realm for free.

No, I didn’t end up hacking it, or buying it, I ended up saying fuck Microsoft, I don’t want the bullshit program on my computer. Knowing Microsoft after I install it my computer would start freezing more than the Surface Tablet did during the keynote.  

Before you get your panties in a bunch and start bitching about me admitting to pirating software in the past let it be known I only did it for a few thousand songs, about a hundred movies, thirty or so seasons of television shows, and ten or so programs. I was never smart enough to learn how to upload stuff for profit, not stupid enough to push DVDs from the trunk of my car, or any other of the criminal underworld stuff that the government says every cent finds it’s way to Iraq to buy weapons that are killing our troops. Yes, Before you get on that tangent with me why don’t you look into who sells them the weapons, why we are really there.

I have no need for pirating now, I have Notepad on Mac, Spotify, iMovie, and Netflix.